Asia's rising star of the global DJ community has constantly been touring the world for the past 8 years, making herself a name as one of the very few globally successful female electronic music artists.

Nakadia was born in rural Thailand, growing up under the poorest circumstances and her life story is nothing short of a fairytale. After her first contact with club music in 2002, she knew she was born to be a DJ. She accepted model jobs for a few months, just to be able to buy DJ equipment and vinyl. Without any influence- or knowledge of music, she worked her way through various styles and genres until she found herself years later in Deep house, Tech House and Techno.

Today Nakadia is based in Berlin. Only returning back to Asia for a few weeks each year. During weekdays she is working on new productions, while her weekends are filled with countless Gigs around the globe. More than 800 performances across 54 countries make Nakadia one of the most experienced "up and coming" artists of today. Her performances are filled with life, joy and excitement, and this – in combination with the musical quality and her technical skills – is what makes Nakadia so popular with all who have witnessed her on stage. She celebrates her music rather than just playing records. Through her DJ sets only, this little girl from rural Thailand has achieved all her success. Alone, without a powerful agent-, DJ- or manager behind her pulling the strings.

2012 Asia's most successful female DJ has reached the most important step in her career: Finally her productions mach the quality of her DJ sets and Nakadia is now releasing tunes on a monthly basis.