Alex Stein

Alex Stein - the Brazilian/Bavarian producer has been making music for over 10 years and with releases on Suara, Senso, Great Stuff and Sincopat to name a few in 2016, he is currently getting props from some of the biggest names in the industry.
Alex Stein is a true Brazilian homegrown artist that has his roots all the way from the old continent, his german background compelled him day by day to work harder & harder to achieve his unique
electronic sound, from an early age he knew this was the way to go.Thru vast musical studies, and much trial & error he got to where he is now,
it has already been a decade of exclusive musical commitment as a much loved dj and musical producer.

After much work, he finally sees the results of his commitment to his greatest passion, he represents well this brand new generation of Brazilian electronic artists,
with each of his releases one is bigger than the next, only releasing on the biggest international labels, and sales have surpassed all expectations.
Much of his music has already been played & is well recognized in various corners of the world, as far as Canada, South africa, Australia, most of the european capitals
and of course his home nation that is Brazil.